Monday, June 26, 2017

And God said let it rain, and it was so!!!

Alright so this week was pretty sweet for being the first week of the transfer. Mainly because for the first time in a long time we didnt have too many special assignments that took us out of our area, i say not too many because of course we still had a few haha, but ill get to that in a minute. so this week it finally started raining and so that has made things cool down alot which is really nice. The not so nice part is that it can be a perfectly clear sky and in 30 minutes its raining and blowing hard than you have ever seen and after another 30 minutes its a clear sky haha. anyways monday was a pretty good day just got everyone in their areas and worked a bit and that was our day. On tuesday we had the district meeting and the zone got to know each other a bit more so that was good like always. then more work that day and visiting people. in our area we are still finding new members alot that we still have never met, most of the time less actives but sometime active members as well haha. Wednesday we went to visit a future investigator that we had talked to awhile back and when we went to talk to her this time she just frankly said "let me be honest, i dont like your religion" it may sound weird but it was really nice honestly just to have someone tell us straight up that they dont want anything. because most the time people just say "another day" or " im busy but if your here another day we can talk" and a million excuses like that that honestly just waste our time, so it was nice that someone didnt waste anymore of it and just told us up front how things were. Also that day after we ate lunch with one of the members we helped them cut the grass in their lawn, with a machete haha, it reminded me of my time in san jeronimito where i became a professional with a machete haha. Thursday was weekly planning, then lunch with the members and we had a really cool lesson that day with an investigator named alfonso. he told us about how he really wants to change and leave his old life behind of drinking and smoking, and he wants to solve the problems he has with his wife. its awesome to see how the gospel works in peoples lifes and how they want to change as they learn more about Jesus Christ. Friday was quite the adventure! we went to another area here in zamora to bless the house of the sister missionaries since they had just barely changed homes. and since we cant enter their house alone their ward mission leader went with us. Remember how i said the rain comes from nowhere? yeah thats what happened to us this day haha. we got there and it started getting a little windier as we arrived at their house, but we got there and blessed it and left without any problems. afterwards the brother that was with us asked if we could bless his house as well, he said he lived "ten minutes" away, so we decided that it must be close by and we started walking. well before we even got halfway there the rain started pouring hard. the worst part was that he lived on top of a mountain and all the roads were dirt, which had turned into mud by the time we got there, so we got to his house soaking wet and with muddy shoes haha, oh how i love my luck! as we left his house though the rain lightened up and we made it home ok. Saturday was normal, work and visits and all that jazz haha. Sunday always seems like the slowest day and i think its because ward council makes our heads explode. Both me and my companion are more suprised each day by some of the members here that sometimes just dont have a single clue, and we just have to ask ourselves why and have LOTS of patience. But thankfully ward council is only an hour that we have to be there haha. after that we went and ate some  of the best tacos al pastor i have ever eaten here with a member and then went and visited a few more families. Today we had our zone activity and played lots of soccer, a little basketball and capture the flag as well that i hadnt played for a few months! so yeah the mission is going good! Our area is progressing little by little and we are also seeing alot of progress in the zone which is great! i hope you all have a great week! thanks for all your love and prayers and support! Love Elder Griffin

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