Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The life of a Zone Leader. June 6,2017

Hey everyone! so i think im going to call this week the perfect example of the life of a zone leader. Monday was cool and all since it was our pday, the only bummer part was that we only worked in our area an hour and then had to sweep and mop the floors in the church to get it ready for the zone conference the next day. We also bought a cake and celebrated one of the sister missionaries birthday, so that was pretty fun. On tuesday the zone conference started at 9 and didnt get over till 4. It only went two hours over the time we had planned so it wasnt that bad actually, but it was a little stressful just keeping our eye on the watch and making sure everything rolled smoothly, even more stressful when the mission president tells us before hand he isnt going to talk alot, then ends up talking alot in the conference haha. After that ended the President went right into interviewing a few missionaries and we stayed there to help him with that. He was able to interview 6 missionaries so he would only have to interview 14 on wednesday. Anyways that got over at about 7, and as we were about to leave to go to our house(which is just across the street from the church) the president took us out to eat dinner! so that was pretty sweet honestly. We told them about a chinese food place so we all went and ate there. Then we had a meeting with the stake president at 8 in the church and since the stake president is also a doctor the Mission President asked him about what foods are bad and things like that, and when he told us that chinese food is the worst wow my face turned red haha. But since our President is a really cool guy he just laughed and turned to us and said " dont tell my wife" haha. Wednesday we started interviews at 9 AM and didnt get over until 5. we spent the entire day in the church checking area books and helping missionaries with their language study and checking daily planners and things like that. My interview was short and sweet, just told my president i was feeling good, told him i needed a new temple recommend so interviewed me for that, and that was it haha. Afterwards President talked to both me and my companion about all the missionaries in the zone and WOW do we have our hands full. This week we are going to be traveling back to my home town of La Piedad to check up on the missionaries there as well. lots of things we have to do now. By the time we left we only had time to get our lunch from one of the members and eat that in our house since she gave us the food to go. and that was all day Wednesday. Thursday we spent the most part of the day planning, a little bit of working and then we went and played soccer again with the young men from the ward. (just a heads up kylee im starting to get alot better so you better get ready!) on friday we had to go to an area thats about 2 hours away from here to do a baptismal interview, so that day we only had time to go eat with the members and then we had to take off and didnt get home till 930. Saturday we were finally blessed with the privelege to be able to work in our area all day without any interrumptions. But as luck would have it NO ONE and i mean NOOOOOOOO ONEEEEEEEE was home that day. even our food appointment canceled on us that day and we had to find another one. But thats ok there are always days like that. And sunday was another normal day where we could work a bit. So out of a 7 day week we only were able to work a total of 2 and a half days really. Have i ever mentioned that being a zone leader is quite interesting? and that was my week! today all of the elders in the zone went and played soccer in camecuaro. it was really cool to go back there and be able to relax and just play and have fun for a bit. This week should be fun as well, more traveling and divisions and maybe a little bit of chewing out some missionaries. I hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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