Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Just 3 transfers left! June 19,2017

Hey everyone! so starting today i only have 3 transfers left! pretty crazy to think about how fast time has flown by! even crazier to hear that a few of my friends are already home! good to know that i still have a little time left to keep working. anyways this last week was pretty different thats for sure! and we were super busy at some times, and had lots of down time during others. Monday was  a normal pday and then worked a little that night. Tuesday was the last district meeting of the transfer so there were a few missionaries that were going to end their mission that shared their testimonies, its always really cool hearing those. After the district meeting we went to our lunch appointment then we were off for Zacapu! we did another baptismal interview there, this time i did it and it was really cool because i interviewed the dad of the person who i interviewed the first time we went there! it was pretty cool to see that family changing and growing and everyone being baptized! tuesday we stayed there in Zacapu and got up early Wednesday morning to come home. While i was doing the interview my companion had the bright idea to take out a wisdom tooth that was bugging him and so all tuesday night he was suffering, and we spent all day Wednesday home so the hole in his mouth could heal up good and so it wouldn't get infected by all the dust and everything else in the streets. Thursday we just had weekly planning, went to lunch, and then we had to go to the bus center to send the missionaries to guadalajara that ended their missions, by the time we got that taken care of we just came home, changed our clothes and went and played soccer with the young men again. each time we play i suprise myself at how good im getting haha, i even show up my companion every once in a while so its really fun each week we play soccer with them! Friday was a really fun day because we got invited to a ward activity, but in a different ward haha. So pretty much right after we ended our studies in the afternoon we went there and helped them start cleaning the church and sweeping and mopping and making everything nice and pretty since that was the reason they had the activity. After that started the good part, where we pulled out 11 kilos of meat! when me and my companion saw that we were pretty happy. So we helped them cook that and ate to our fill of meat and sausage haha. i love those kind of parties here! then we started playing soccer and basketball again. It was pretty sad because since we hardly ever play basketball down here im way out of practice, and i had alot of old men show me up... not proud of that but it wont happen again since me and my companion decided to practice almost daily in the mornings haha. also ripped open my boot while playing so that was sweet, nothing super glue cant fix haha. Saturday was pretty normal, spent the day in our area visiting a few people and teaching. Taught an investigator that was a friend of a member and who had been to the church a few times. before we started teaching we were just having a casual conversation about how he has felt and what he has learned, when we asked if he had questions he just said "what do i have to do to be baptized, because i want to be baptized in your religion", believe me it was hard to not shout and jump with joy haha. we spent saturday night planning the transfers and also bought a pizza to celebrate since both me and my companion are staying here together another transfer. Sunday was normal, church and lunch then visits. Sunday night of week 6 is always as stressful as anything, trying to figure out the dats from the week and get those sent, trying to tell missionaries at what time they leave and talk to other zone leaders so that the missionaries arrive on time and no one travels alone and lots of things. its a miracle that we got to bed by 11 haha. And today it was rise and shine early to get all the missionaries going and moving and off to their new areas! this week will be normal thankfully haha. Thank you all again for your love and prayers! they mean the world to me! i hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin
 Elder Griffin at the ward barbecue and cleaning the church!

 Torn shoes again.
 Pizza to celebrate planning is over!

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