Monday, June 12, 2017

Divisions with the family and my real return home!

Hey everyone! so this week was pretty fun honestly, lots of work and also lots of laughing and enjoying good times. on tuesday we had divisions with Elder Pop and Elder Ashford. All 4 of us had a really great time there, i was with Elder Pop and since ive known him for alot of time we joked around alot and made fun of each other a bit and pushed our buttons to see who would break first haha. we could also work alot as well and have some good lessons together. also talked about what he is going to do after his mission since next monday he will be going home... in the night we played a few games and bought pizza, so yeah it was really fun to be with them and also great to work with them. then on wednesday by the time they left we didnt have alot of time to do much before we went to lunch and then that night we made a very VERY special trip, back to La Piedad! we had to go there wednesday night to check up on the missionaries there. well let me tell you did i feel weird rolling into that town haha. seeing everything where i had been over a year ago sure brought back alot of memories, the majority of which i tried to forget haha. We got there a little early and i was able to visit one of my favorite families from that area. it was great talking to them and they were really suprised by how skinny i was and how well i spoke spanish. it was great though being there and being able to relive my ´past a bit. we stayed there that night with the missionaries who lived there and left early the next morning to come home. pretty cool experience! thursday we had weekly planning and then our prayers were answered... IT RAINED! its finally been raining a little this week so its starting to cool down just a jillionth here. hoping it rains even more so that it cools down more. Were working pretty good in our area, we have alot of people that are listening to us but very few that are coming to church, just 1 actually. were going to work with the onest we have to see if they can come to church and if not well have to go back to finding new investigators! this week we find out transfers, most likely me and my companion will stay here together another transfer but we wont know for sure until saturday! also another funny story from this week is i learned how to cut hair! one of the members from our area let us borrow a haircutting kit, so i cut my companions hair, and i think its safe to say that im a profesional hair stylist now. thats about it for this week! tomorrow we are going to do more traveling and this week we have to make sure the people that are ending their missions get to guadalajara on time so should be pretty fun this week! i hope you all have  agreat week! Love Elder Griffin

Zamora fire station
My package from home, some tie tacks and oil carriers for my friends...

Lunch today that made me feel really really full!
La Piedad at night...
Fire station in Zamora...
My package 
Men in Black...

Argh.. I'm so full!

Hahaha... I'm so tired and soooo full!   

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