Tuesday, November 24, 2015

hey everyone! so the reason i am writing on tuesday today instead of on thursday is because everyone who was in our old zone left so we got switched to a new zone yesterday, so instead of being district 4a we are now district 7c. so we got a new classroom and a new schedule and everything so yeah thats about the most exciting thing that has happened. besides that its been a pretty boring week not a whole lot going on. just learning more and more spanish every day and studying the scriptures. we watched the movie the restoration sunday night and its about joseph smiths trials and all the first members trials that were persecuted and some even killed because of their beliefs. crazy to think about. It made me think that im pretty grateful that i can do what im doing and not have to fear for my life. Also makes me think that two years of my life given to this true church is nothing in comparison. everything is going good down here! really missing everyone! weve started singing more and more christmas songs here and that doesnt really help with the homesickness but oh well haha. its pretty crazy to think that im halfway through my time here at the mtc. i leave december 14th and i cant decide if im excited for it or not haha. guess i will find out! also ive been talking with alot of guys here about hunting and what we would hunt and where wed go before we left so thats been on my mind too alot lately. I sure hope they do something for us on thursday though but i guess we will see! but yeah im doing good not much else to say. Hope everything at home is going well and everyone is doing good! i still dont think ive realized yet though that im here for two years. pretty sure my mind and body still think im supposed to go home in a few weeks. maybe once i get to the mission field itll kick in haha. love you all sending my love and prayers! Love Elder Griffin

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