Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hey mom! so yeah suprise im actually writing today! since everyone else in our zone of 4a left we got switched to zone 7c and that changed our schedule so my p day will now be on tuedsay for the next few weeks. Thanks for all the pictures i loved them all! it made me happy to see all my friends and family. Kylee sure did look cute for her dance! im glad she had lots of fun and was being safe! tell her that i always had as much fun as possible but i was always home by 12 or 1 if i text you! i also love what you did to the living room! it sure looks alot different than i left it! makes me really miss home seeing all the stockings up, including mine. but glad to see everything at home is going well! so yes i did get the krispy kremes on friday! thank you so much! it was awesome and all the guys in the district loved them! as far as the pouch mail no i have not gotten anything! like i said everyone here has told me it takes 6 weeks for just a letter to get here so i dont know that those letters will get here before i leave. but yeah im doing good ill send pictures in a bit and the weekly email. Love Elder Griffin

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