Thursday, November 19, 2015

Second Week Letter...

Hey! so wow this is now my second p day so i guess i only have 98 more to go! haha everything here is going great im eating plenty even though sometimes its not the best food in the world but ill survive. Sure miss some home cooking and fast food restaurants haha. This last week has been pretty okay just same old schedule of classes and excercize and stuff like that. We had our first trc last night and i dont know what it stands for but it was just teaching investigators so me and my companion prepared a lesson for  a lady and it went good and was awesome she was already gonna get baptized in 15 days anyways so we just answered questions but yeah that was good, what was scary is we all got done at the same time and my teacher said ok good switch companionships and go again! so me and isaac went and taught another lady having about 10 seconds of prep time but it all went well the next lady had been a member for 10 years so we werent worried when we found that out we just talked after that. Oh also my investigator earlier who i said was a good actor, yeah he was real good because he is now our night teacher haha. Oh well it was cool to get to teach someone. Ive gotten back into lifting here again which is great since the  last time i lifted was football season a year ago haha. oh and we went to the mexico city temple this morning!! it was so cool and so spiritual. the temple was beautiful and the celestial room was magnificent. ill send you the pictures i took in a little bit. But besides that it was a pretty normal week! nothing really is different since im a district leader except we interview everyone once a week just to make sure their ok and yeah thats basically it. im glad kylee gets to be the taxi now haha! now she might know what its like to get to be the family taxi. but good for her glad shes doing good just make sure shes safe.  And yes mom we have an awesome relationship as companions. we all basically bully each other but we couldnt be closer. Hows everyone doing and whats everyone up to this week? hows the weather and hows the pheasant hunting too? i miss home and i miss you all so much hope all is going well there because im fine down here. Love you guys have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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