Thursday, November 12, 2015

 Hey everybody! mom make sure your sending out these emails please and also if you didnt send the one from last week feel free to send that one too. Thanks! so everything here is going pretty good! havent really cried a whole lot haha i kinda got it all out on the plane i think. My companion is elder Emery and hes the funniest dude from michigan who is also going to my mission. My roomates are super funny as well and isaac is in my district! so we live right next to each other and have the exact same schedule so its awesome! we all get along great we all love getting on each others nerves but its a love hate thing haha. Its so weird to think ive only been here one week! it feels like a lifetime ago that ive seen my family and friends, and its weird how ive only known the people here a week but there like family to me. so our living quarters are pretty nice we have a good bathroom and 2 sets of bunk beds in our room that we sleep 4 to a room so thats not too bad. They keep everything here way nice too so thats a plus! as far as the food goes its just ok haha. I mean there are some days when its just terrible and i dont eat alot but then there are times where they serve chicken wings and i eat 5 plates full! but yeah dont worry about that im not starving or anything here haha. the water here is great because they either have alot of 20l bottles that you can fill up with that have been filtered or use the fountains here. they have their own private well seperate from mexico city so that water is fine it just tastes a little funky. i miss you all so much!! i think about you all every day and write about you in my journal every night. I hope everything is going good at home though. No one needs to worry about me im doing fine. It still hasnt kicked in that this isnt just a prolonged vacation haha. im worrying about you guys though! im keeping you in all of my prayers. my spanish is actually coming along pretty good! as long as someone talks to me at a slow rate rather than the normal speed that they talk at i can understand most of  what theyre saying! also were working on an investigator named fabian, who were pretty sure is already a member but hes one dang good actor. we had our fourth lesson with him last night and we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he just said when? it was awesome! me and my companion couldnt believe it. I just hope the people in guadalajara are that easy haha. everyone let me know how your doing because im thinking about you all. this is gonna be a long two years but itll be worth it. Love Elder Griffin (p.s. still not used to that)

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