Monday, January 11, 2016

so wow this past week sure did seem to be a long one! for me at least it seemed long but thats ok. well anyways it was kindof a slow week and its been really hard working with my companion. he is the companion i will have for my first 13 weeks here because he is my trainer and also because this transfer is 7 weeks instead of 6. but its ok ill get through it its just one of the struggles of a mission. anyways i had my first baptism! it was amazing! only two of the 4 people we had planned got baptized because the other two didnt feel ready but still it was amazing! i got the baptism right on the first try too! i was really happy about that. and when she came out of the water it was like she had her breath taken away! not sure if i held her under too long or it was the spirit haha, i just wanted to make sure she was completely under! but no it was amazing and im so grateful to have had that opportunity to use my priesthood and also to change her life forever. the one i baptized is closest to me in the pictures in baptismal clothing. the dad in the picture is a member and we hopefully will baptize the other two youth in the picture soon as well! also i got a haircut haha! i dont know how big of a deal that is but ill send some pictures of that. other than that not alot happening! the language is slowing coming thats for sure, im understanding alot more and i am able to say alot more so thats great! but yeah i miss you all so much and your all in my thoughts and prayers! until next week! Love Elder Griffin

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