Monday, January 4, 2016

hey everyone! sorry i forgot to send out a general email last week haha i just got so caught up writing everyone else it totally slipped my mind! so first off this is week 10 of writing home! that i only have about 90 more to go! thats kinda sad haha... anyways this week was pretty good i annointed the oil on a lady who needed a blessing, that took me 3 tries and i had to write her name down it was so long haha. but it worked out and then the next day i gave another blessing to a different lady and i could definitely tell i was prompted to say a few things that im sure helped her. everything is going good down here! im slowly getting used to all the walking that we do and also my spanish is slowly coming. im definitely able to do alot more now than i could when i first got here! also today is the halfway mark for this transfer so thats cool! im so glad the days here go by faster then they did in the ccm haha. also this week we are planning to have 4 baptisms! its a family where the dad is a member and the wife and 3 kids arent so they're planning on it and hopefully they stick to it! but yeah everything is going pretty good here! sure do miss you all at home and i hope everything is going good! feliz ano nuevo! Love Elder Griffin

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