Monday, January 18, 2016

this past week... January 18, 2015

Hi everyone! so this past week seemed like a long one for me at least, but thats ok it was a good one! first off me and my companion are getting along better now, we talked things out and hes changed a few things and i just keep being patient so things are better now. it rained here last week as well for the first time and so that was really cool! thankfully the smell of rain doesnt change in mexico so that was nice and reminded me of home. we hopefully will be having a baptism this week so i guess well see how that goes! also this wednesday we get to watch a training for missionaries that will be broadcast to the whole world! so im really excited about that and im sure that will be awesome. besides that not much else going on! my spanish is definetely still coming along little by little. we also had alot of investigators and less actives that weve been working with come to church yesterday so that was awesome! sure do miss everyone at home and i hope your all doing good! until next week! Love Elder Griffin

(I asked him to tell me about the people he baptized last week, and about how he buys food.)

 about the people i baptized last week... so the dad in the picture is a member and thats his family. we baptized the wife and the oldest sister, we were supposed to baptized the whole family but the younger ones didnt feel ready. i baptized the wife and theyre a really nice family and every time we teach them a lesson they feed us after and drive us home, usually because theyre our last appointment and they live so far away, so thats good! im glad to hear that you guys are having fun and getting to spend time with family! yeah i think your right i think i have lost a little weight. i dont know how much because we dont have a scale but i feel a little thinner so thats good. probably 230 now. and trust me im eating fine. the members feed us every day so i usually just fill up there and buy snacks as needed, i just finished all the jerky you sent me.  they gave us a card and every 15 days 1000 pesos is deposited and thats what we use to buy what we need and im budgeting pretty well off of that. dont worry though i know that if i need anything i can use it but im doing fine without it and ill let you know if i do use it...well im glad that your at least taking it easy! and i just read kylees talk and wow what a powerful talk that must have been to sit there and listen to her. im glad that the girls are having fun and enjoying the snow and friends! and yes me and my companion are doing better now and its a good thing too. i love you all so much and mom thats awesome that you were able to feel fine during her talk, its so comforting to me to hear about all the blessings you guys are recieving. i know all too well what its like to not be able to do what i want when you get injured and especially when it is at the start of summer too! its crazy just how much this mission is changing me!

(I then asked him how it has changed him... here is the reply)

the mission has changed me in more ways than i can say, patience first off haha, just keeps adding on more and more how to work hard, definetely in better shape and lost a few pounds, spanish, and just a stronger testimony of the gospel and a better knowledge of the church! this week we dont have alot scheduled. later me my companion and our recent convert buddy alberto are all gonna go try and eat a big hamburger in under 10 minutes to try and get it free haha. were expecting a baptism this saturday but who knows. we have a missionary training on wednesday thats being broadcast to all the missionaries around the world so thats cool! and then on friday we have interviews as well! not a whole lot haha. im still feeling pretty safe yeah. i love you too mom so much and i hope all is going well and goes well with your shoulder! itll be crazy to see how much i change after two years!
 Love Elder Griffin

Rain in La Piedad, Mexico

Coke is cheap...

so here is what the city looks like during a rainstorm! kinda cool i thought! it was kinda relaxing too because it happened during our personal study so that was sweet. oh and also coke down here is way cheap!! 5 liters for only 47 pesos!(about 3 bucks) although you have to switch out bottles every time you buy it, its weird like that down here! it doesnt rain alot. it did a little while we were in the mtc but im pretty sure this is the first time we got rain while ive been here. and it wasnt flash flooding no it was a decent rainstorm though for about an hour and then just light sprinkles on and off for the rest of the day

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