Monday, January 25, 2016

Well this week honestly was just ok haha. didnt really do alot and not alot happened but thats ok. one thing that was cool that happened last night was me and my companion were in divisions and so i was teaching a lesson with a recent convert whos only a priest and the dad of the house is also a priest but after the lesson two of the daughters wanted blessings! one of them was a member and one isnt, its the family that we baptized recently? anyways i was way nervous to do that but i just started and the lord helped and i sure hope they felt better after haha. also we tried to contact a future investigator and we walked i kid you not down a 3 mile long road looking for one specific number, which was really hard because the numbers were about as out of order as possible, anyways we ended up not even finding it! later after our lunch appointment we found the guy who gave us the contact! he gave us his address while he was drunk and he mixed up the numbers. oh how i just love serving a mission haha. so that was fun! but yeah thats about the extent of this week. im doing good just pushing through each day, hope everything and everyone at home is good! love you all! Love Elder Griffin

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