Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This is Kadens email to Kari when she asked him for details about his day and his mission.

an average day is get up at 630, start study at 8, study personally for an hour then companion study for an hour then we study a book called the first 12 weeks for me for an hour then language study for an hour sometimes and then we head out to teach! we eat with a member every day except p days at about 230, then teach the rest of the night! we either have plans and walk to someones house or we have appointments we go to, and then were usually back to the casa by about 9 or 930. we havent gave any service yet actually which is really weird but were gonna clean the water for the baptismal font on wednesday so thats not gonna be fun! because we looked inside it on sunday and theres big spiders and big cockroaches and all sorts of creepy crawleys in the water thing for the font so we get to clean that. i still feel pretty safe yeah, although coming home last night im pretty sure i saw a dead person....  a member was driving us home after a lesson and there was a bunch of cops and people directing traffic around this one girl who was laying on the side of the road and i dont know if she was alive or not... gotta love mexico! new years we had to enter the casa by 7 then we just prepared basically, i shined my shoes and straightened a few things up and tried to go to bed but let me tell you another patience story! i go to bed at 1030 but my companion stays up to plan a lesson for the district meeting tomorrow, at 11 i ask him to turn off the lights but he says no, and he starts talking to some dude in the street from the window, then at 1115 he finally turns off the lights but still uses a flashlight to read, and by this point the fireworks had started so i was trying real hard to sleep, at 1130 someone calls him and talks to them till 12, then finally i think at about 1215or 1230 i fell asleep so yeah! and yeah sorry youve been worrying about our christmas night! it kinda sucked and i was discouraged but its ok she felt bad and made up for it and my feet are all healed up now so dont worry about it im fine. thanks for everything mom! oh and i got the padded envelope and the package with the sweater! thank you soooooo much!! it seriously made me so happy! i love the sweater so so much! and i ate all the lackerlies the first night haha, dont worry i shared. then one of the bags of jerky wasnt vacuumed all the way so it had mold growing on it so i just threw away the moldy parts and ate the rest. it was way good thank you! i also loved the tie and the pin and tack! i wore the tie to church haha. but yeah thank you so much for that it meant the world to me! and i put the picture of our family up on my wall where i study, i loved that as well. also if you havent already or your about to send another package i could really use just more pictures from home of everyone and all our adventures, that would bereally nice so just whenever you send another package if you could do that it would be great:) so a few more things i forgot i did kinda have some testimony builders! tell daniel thanks for jinxing me because last monday night i annointed the oil on a lady who needed a blessing... took me 3 tries to get it right and i had to write her name down because it was so long so i was kinda dissapointed about that, but then the next day a  different lady asked for a blessing and wanted me to give it! i started off just blessing her with health and then i was prompted to say that god loves her and a few other things i cant remember but that went better. i hope i did ok on that one haha. oh and speaking of packages its gonna be hard to throw away the box of the first package because of all of the i love yous writted on it and all the pictures haha! oh and lastly i have two questions, one can i wash my church pants? kinda already did haha but i was just wondering. and also whos supposed to sign the pillow case? because it looked like its for family and friends to sign before i left but its a little late for that haha... well yeah thats kinda this past week! love you all and miss you so much! Love Elder Griffin.

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