Monday, May 23, 2016

Another week in San Jeronimito...

Hey everyone! well this week was pretty sweet to say the least, still seems like its getting hotter everyday but yeah im surviving so its ok haha. they say it should be getting colder soon if it starts to rain so im praying for it! anyways on monday tuesday and a little bit of wednesday i was on divisions with Elder Herrmann! me him and another elder( Elder Cuenca) were put together because our companions went to morelia for a training, so we got put together and worked in my area for those days! it was way way fun! monday night was kinda tough since basically no one was home, we walked everywhere trying to visit people and ended up only teaching one person but it was ok! then we got home that night and me and Elder Herrmann ended up talking till about 330 in the morning... whoops haha! but we still got up at 630 like we were supposed to and we went to the store in the morning and i bought a monster to help get me through the day haha, and yep it helped! then we had a great day together! just me and him were chatting about good times and we had lots of good lessons which was great! a few funny stories, we had a really powerful lesson with an inactive lady, she was crying at the end but i know we really helped her feel the spirit and she felt good after, but anyways i offered the closing prayer and at the end i think she just wanted to show her gratitude so she asked, "do you like mangos?" and Elder Herrmann without missing a beat said "actually their my favorite" and then we all just broke down laughing it was so funny haha. another funny thing is there are like big wild pigs here, so one was laying down under a tree in the shade. now Elder Herrmann likes to scare chickens and pidgeons and just make em run off, so i told him that i would give him 5 pesos if he scared the pig. well he walked up to it and flapped his arms and yelled at it, it jumped up from where it was and man i have never seen Herrmann run that fast haha! the pig just stayed there but Herrmann was gone! i paid him the 5 pesos with a big smile on my face. that night also stayed up talking again till about 3, but hey once again we were up at 630 and did everything else we should have! but yeah divisions were fun so that was good. we had a service activity on thursday where we helped clean the church for an hour and a half! that was really good and it looks way nice now! also we had a way awesome training on saturday from the new area 70 elder chavez, after listening to him talk for 2 hours i was really pumped to go work! just because he talked about how we can do things better and why and i dont know but he just really motivated me haha. so yeah it was a pretty good week! we had really good numbers too so im really happy about that! yeah everything is going good here! im happy and doing well and losing lots of weight, still dont know whether thats a good thing or a bad thing haha. Hope you all have another fantastic week! i love you all! Love Elder Griffin

Elder Herrmann and "mangos"... they are his favorite!  :)

Kaden's before and after hair cuts this week... it must be really hot, because he's keeping it short!

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