Monday, May 16, 2016

It is hot in Mexico!

Hey everybody! so life in good ol mexico is still going good! just that its getting hot as hot can be right now! i really think that i have sweated off ten pounds because my shirts are so loose around my neck now its crazy haha. but besides that its been a pretty good week all in all. we had our zone meeting on tuesday which honestly was a little boring but hey i survived haha, and tuesday night my companion called home so we got to chill out at the church with the air conditioning on high which was great haha. and then we just had a normal week of working! i dont know if i told you but we do like ward family home evenings every week here and before them we have an english class! its great because the family home evenings used to start at 6 but no one showed up till 7, but now we start the english class at 6 and everyone is there early to learn and after we share a lesson and go play volleyball and soccer which is great! this week was a little slow work wise, just because alot of our plans fell through and its really hard working in this heat but we keep pushing. and the great thing is that right now im with Elder Herrmann in divisions! were working in my area and were also with Elder Cuenca sadly(the guy who i had divisions with two weeks ago and i said was terrible) but its ok. were in my area and its gonna be way fun to be together for a day! all 3 of our companions went to a training so thats why were together but yeah! so all is good here, im finally start to learn how to roll my r´s which is awesome and im really happy about! and i think by the time i finish working in this area ill finally be skinny for the first time in my life haha, but lets not get our hopes up yet! well thats it for now! i hope you all have a great week i love you all! Love Elder Griffin

Coming home from Zone Conference....

New badges....

 Finally got the package I sent him from Hawaii... March 20th...

 He wishes he could go proselyting in this... LOL!

 He admits to having an addiction to Coke!
 Elder Herrmann and Elder Griffin on divisions together... watch out Mexico!

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