Monday, May 2, 2016

Week one in Petatlan, San Jeronimito...

Hey everyone! so wow has this past week been very different! first off its literally a 100 degrees down here pretty much every day, and not to mention we hardly ever see clouds in the sky, and its humid as heck too because the ocean isnt too far away. so you could say that this past week has been a little tough but im pushing through and slowly im getting used to it though. i have to always carry a little towel in my pocket though because of how much i sweat though haha. but yeah its all good here honestly. my area is basically just a little town of maybe 2000 people, and most the roads are dirt but they have a few pavement and then the highway that goes right through the middle of the town. this week was also really hard because i am trying to figure out how to find houses because hardly any streets have names and no houses have numbers, not to mention trying to learn everyones name again because i have no clue who anyone is. but dont worry its all good just new things i gotta do! this area honestly has alot of work to do, this past week we had 10 lessons with a member present and we taught 22 less actives! thats more than ive ever gotten in a week before! and the members here are really willing to help and accompany us to visit people and they give us lots of good references so its great! but yeah thats about it for this area haha, we do have our own church and its actually a pretty new nice church with a place to play volleyball and soccer outside and also it has air conditioning so its really nice! anyways theres two cool things that happened this week that i wanna tell you about. first off yesterday we were walking in the street and some guy calls us over to his house who is sitting outside talking with another guy and we walk over and they shake our hands and everything and they were just like really animated i guess you could say to see us. my companion asked him when we got there if he was a member and he said yes and we got talking a little more and my companion asked him "so brother are you active and do you go to church and all?" and he said... "im a seventy elder" how crazy is that!!! we met someone from the quorom of the seventy! his name is miguel hidalgo! so yeah now we laugh about my companion asking a 70 if hes active haha. and he also knew my companions parents! so it sure is a small world! and also the guy he was talking with is his brother in law, and hes not a member and i dont think his wife is either, we have an appointment with them tonight at 6 so hopefully it goes good! also today for our pday we decided that we were gonna go to ixtapa! if you dont know what that is its basically like a small cancun. it was a way awesome experience to be on the beach and see the ocean and the waves and man it was just beautiful! we spent about an hour taking pictures and walking the beach and i think im going back in 2 years haha. ill send lots of pictures dont worry. Well thats it for this week! me and my companion are getting along really good, were working hard and we crack a few jokes as well in our free time and im staying happy and healthy and ill probably lose a little weight here real soon haha. Well until next week! Love Elder Griffin

Kaden will SKYPE on Sunday, May 8th at 3:00 p.m.  So proud of this great missionary!  

 Kaden wishes he had this truck to drive around in....
 Kaden's new house..

 Visiting Ixtapa today, love P-days at the beach!

 Miss you all...  heart and arrow <3

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