Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hey everyone! so this week is my final week in the mtc! which means that the next time i email i will be in Guadalajara! i dont know when i will be able to email though so you'll all just have to watch for my emails. These last few days have been the same as all the others! not a whole lot going on except that this Sunday before we leave we get to participate in the Tijuana temple dedication! so that ll be fun and exciting and so im pumped for that! i leave the mtc on Monday morning at 330 and so im assuming my flight will leave at 6 or 7 in the morning. im so excited to get out of here and be outside these walls! if i haven't told you before ill say it now, we call this place spirit prison because by the time you leave here anyplace seems like heaven haha. also they have a water treatment plant next to the mtc so it often smells really bad here, and thats coming from a guy who grew up next a dairy! but im surviving. im in the home stretch now! i really am so excited to leave though and get to Guadalajara and meet my new companion and see where ill be staying and where ill be working and teaching for the next 2 years! oh also i got a haircut just barely! at first i thought the lady was gonna bald me! but i dont think it looks too bad now and ill send some pictures of it after this email. love and miss you all! Ill cya all next week in Guadalajara! Love Elder Griffin.


 Messing with Elder Herrmman while he's sleeping in class!!

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  1. You look so awesome. I have emailed you every week. But an wondering if you have got them. Didn't know until now I had to sign up too blog. Did you get the email where I told you that Ned phelps had told grandpa that he knew you would always make a great missionary..well sorry if you have gotten them. Picture of you and friends are do awesome too see..keep sending them...we know you are excited to hit the field. And are happy for you. Enjoy and we love you