Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hey everyone! so wow this first week in the mission field sure has been something else! first off i just wanna say i cant wait to facetime home! i think its funny and a few other guys have joked that right as were getting homesick we get to see our families to make us even more homesick haha! no but i am so excited! well my spanish is coming, slowly though haha, and talking to others it might be 6 months before i can talk well but it will eventually come. weve been walking alot and i do mean alot. my feet are often killing and i have bad shin splints but hey im not gonna let that get me down. the food down here so far hasnt been terrible. we eat with a member everyday down here and they always make sure you leave before you go so thats nice i havent had to buy alot of food yet. also you all dont need to worry about what i do for water because they gave us a filtered water bottle in the mtc that i use all the time! as far as me and my companion go we get along fine, he usually just teaches most of the lesson then i share a quick thought or scripture so it works out haha. oh and we just had a zone conference so for two nights we had to stay in another elders apartment. the first night it was 6 elders and two beds, the second night it was 8 elders to two beds haha. i ended up sleeping on a table that was about 4 feet long and maybe two feet wide, with my feet resting on an ironing board. just one of the first of many funny stories ill have to tell on this mission! well love you and hope you all have a great week! FELIZ NAVIDAD! Love Elder Griffin.

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