Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas night... and week 3 in La Piedad...

Hi mom! can i just start off by saying im sorry for being the punk teenage kid that i was growing up? always secluding myself and never really wanting to talk to anyone, wow do i wish i could go back and give myself a kick in the rear right now haha. its funny because all i wish i could do now is call you everyday and tell you how my day went and what happened and whats stressing me and just everything like that, something i really wish now i wouldve taken advantage of while i was home. too bad i had to go 2000 miles away to learn just how much i love my parents and how grateful i am for everything they did for me growing up, and everything they gave me and supported me in. it really means the world to me at this point in my life right now. and also thank you and tell everyone that i said thank you for praying for me every night and always keeping me in your hearts and prayers, i can definitely feel it helping me out, like theres something else that is just pushing me to keep going, and i know its my family at home, so thank you all so much. well now ill tell you about the past few days! so starting off after we talked and while we were on the bus to the investigators house i just smiled and decided i was going to be happy about everything because that would help time go by faster and make things better for me! well that lasted about a whole 10  minutes haha. we got to the investigators house and they werent home! and we tried calling them and they didnt answer! and these are the investigators that live very far away and its christmas night at about 730 so there are no buses and hardly any taxis, so instead of getting a good christmas dinner we got a christmas workout! we got to walk home for an hour to our casa, by which point my feet were absolutely killing me, and i was trying to have a good attitude about it but that didnt last long. so that was fun. thenay we probably walked the most we have in a day while on this mission so by the end of it i had a rash like none other which i still kinda have and i have 2 blisters on the right foot and a blister on the left so thats fun! but hey on the bright side my shin splints went away! and me and my companion also got to be the people who watch the baptism and make sure its done right for the other companionship in la piedad. then yesterday was just an average  day. and im not gonna lie it was really hard  i was really homesick, i could still see you guys waving goodbye to me and i had alot of time for my mind to wander during studyand church so it was kinda hard, but im better now! it really helps that im emailing right now that makes me feel alot better! so a few other things can i wash my church pants? i kindof already did haha, all the guys in the mtc did so i figured its ok to do the pants but not the coat, oh and also i dont think me or you realised it but all the book of mormons you gave me are in english... and everyone here speaks spanish haha. its ok though maybe ill find someone eventually over these 2 years who speaks english. oh and also when we checked the place where we email on saturday they said they hadnt found a cord so i just bought another for like 55 pesos which wasnt bad at all, but then coming in to email today they found it! so i have two cords now so no worries there! oh i think youll also be proud of me because me and my companion cleaned our casa this morning for an hour and a half! so its pretty clean now and i like it that way. well yeah thats kinda it haha. im doing good though now dont worry. i just miss you guys alot and love you all and hope your all doing well!

 i know that this mission is definetely going to prepare me for life and i keep telling myself that if theres one thing that this mission will teach me its patience haha! especially with my companion, another example of how my patience for him is that our church starts at 8 in the morning and he told me the first week that he likes to be a half hour early, well last week we barely made it and this week we were 5 minutes late, i got up at 630 when my alarm went off and was ready at 720 to go, but he sets his alarm for 550, doesnt get up until 630, then isnt ready till 745 and then the whole way to church he walks way fast and way far in front of me like its my fault were late! so yeah its teaching me patience thats for sure. but its ok ill get through it! i sure hope you guys get through it at home because its true theres all this stuff for missionaries to help them deal with homesickness, i guess thats where the holy ghost and jesus christ come in right? love you all hope your all doing well! i love you so much and ill keep smiling dont worry! i hope you all have a great week as well and have a great fun and safe new years! tell everyone i miss them and love them! Love Elder Griffin

Kaden said that milk comes in pouches, and he is getting a better immune system by the foods he's eating in Mexico!  

These are the different areas in his mission.  It looks to be a large mission!

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