Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hey everyone! sorry i emailed on Thursday this week! they switched our p day up again because we had to go to immigration today to figure out our visas and get it all finalized. This week has basically just been like any other though! thanksgiving here was actually alot better than i thought it would be! they gave us a great thanksgiving lunch! we got turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin and apple pie! it was easily the best meal ive had since ive been here and i definetly filled myself up that meal. we had a great devotional by dallin h oaks that day as well with some great musical numbers! and sunday we watched meet the mormons for our sunday movie. for those that havent seen it i highly recommend it its a great movie! it tells the story of 6 different mormons and its just a great testimony builder and i especially liked the last person they did it on. i dont want to spoil it but it just really touched home and it makes me want to go out and serve others and hopefully change their lives! i leave the ccm/mtc on December 14th and fly to guadalajara! im very excited to get outside these walls here. everyone has started calling it spirit prison haha. But at the same time i am very nervous to go out and actually teach real people. it will be an adventure thats for sure. Ive only gotten to be outside these walls twice. once when i went to the temple and today when we went to immigration. this is nothing like the US. They drive crazy down here! and theirs advertisements left and right! and im sure ill have alot more to learn about mexico once i get to the field!. Well i love you all and i hope youre all doing good! oh i also found out that ill probably be coming home either october 8th or 9th 2017! we figured out the transfer dates on our calendar haha. so that just means one month down only 22 to go! Miss you all and ill write you next week! Love Elder Griffin

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