Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kadens email to Kari.
Sounds like alot of fun! makell sent me the picture she took of her and ali and lindsey together. and my hand is doing ok my finger still tightens up every day but i just work it out its fine though. sorry i wasn't able to write at all! i was mad too when they told us that they changed our p day again. i sure wish they would figure out what they're doing haha. i miss you all too so much and i pray about you every day! how is everything going at home? anything going on or is it just same old same old? i got 5 handwritten letters so far from you. one from you one from makell one from kylee and two from lindsey. tell lindsey that im doing really good here and that i have made alot of friends here as well and that im happy she lost her tooth! hopefully she got some money from the tooth fairy. i cant wait to get to the mission field and see the packages you sent me! hopefully ill get them both. I should if you put a sticker on it of jesus because everyone says thats what you have to do. Tell everyone i love them all so much and miss them all!

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