Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hey everyone! so wow i think that mexico is about as different from america as can get! so to start off i left the mtc in mexico city by a bus that left at 330 in the morning, i left their with my companion,Elder Emery, and three other guys who were going to guadalajara as well, Elder Hermann and Elder Smith who were in my district and Elder Horne who was in a different district. our flight left there at about 8 but it was scheduled to leave at 7, we didnt even star loading until 715! so yeah then i got to the mission and was greeted by the mission president and two of his assistants! oh and i should say i only slept about 30 maybe 60 minutes during the night because i was packing and then the whole hour long flight, so the whole day is running off of two hours of sleep! but we got to the mission home dropped off our stuff and drove to a chapel like place close by for lunch and we stayed there all day for meetings and orientation and interviews and stuff like that! we ate dinner at about 6 then took a public bus back to the mission home. by this point i got my companion who ill tell you about now. his name is Elder Richart and hes a very nice guy and when we got put together he was happy and hugging me and had a big smile on his face so i like him alot and we are getting along really well, hes been here 3 months and since he is a native and speaks little english we can hardly understand each other but we make it work. but i ended up staying the night in the apartment of some other elders that night and i wrote in my journal once i got there and passed out at about 930 on the floor. oh did i mention the place was filthy? thats coming from me. so i survived got up at 630 and had to catch a bus at 8, which we barely made it to, for about two hours to the next bus depot. from there we went to a district meeting sort of, and then companion study/planning. then we took another hour and a half bus ride to our mission home, i had to pull all my luggage up a really steep rocky road until finally we called a cab to take us to our front door, i only had time to change my shirts, throw on deodorant and cologne, unpack my side bag a bit because it was packed to the brim, and then we were off! we walked probably 15 minutes to the house of a members who fed us beans chicken tortillas and something really good that was two tortillas with mayo tomato and cheese in the middle! we shared a quick lesson and then were off to the next house. we stopped at a house and this door was so tiny i had to take by bag off of my back and go in sideways, trust me i tried going in straight on, it didnt work haha. so we were there so my companion could get some christmas movies put on a flashdrive to share with another family. after that we took a bus to a members house, we were there for probably 60 minutes, tried to get the movies to work for 20, ended up just sharing a quick scripture, and i only talked for maybe 5 minutes. that member then took us home in the most beatun up car i had ever seen. we then walked up a mountain basically to quickly visit the ward mission leader.when we got home i was able to take a warm shower but hardly any water was coming out so that was fun. oh i should also mention that each person had me pray in their house we went to to see how good my spanish was. i did ok, i hope haha. then last night after making my bed and showering i went to sleep, and i slept like a baby. this morning it was freezing cold when we got up, but we got up i shaved got ready for the day then did an hour of personal study, an hour of companion study, and an hour of language study. we then went and got our money from the atm that we get for food and things like that. we ended up walking about an hour from our casa to get here to email. so this is my first few days in mexico! wish me luck because im gonna need it haha. im really missing you all at this time and sure am missing home. Love you all. Love Elder Griffin.

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